Virus Protection


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Bitdefender is an enterprise anti virus solution which may be managed via a central management application installed on premise or in the cloud depending on customer preference. Typically, the cloud version would be deployed in SMB scenarios where the organization does not have the resources to install and manage an on premise solution.

Hybrid Cloud Endpoints Highlights include:

  • Reduce administrative overhead and costs by embracing the purpose-built virtualization security solution with the lowest footprint of all available products.
  • Highest Performance and Protection.
  • Highest scores for physical, virtualized and cloud endpoints when tested with Login VSI and AV-Test.
    Truly integrated management console.
  • GravityZone streamlines installation, deployment and management for all endpoints.
  • Widest coverage.
  • GravityZone covers all hypervisors, major operating systems and devices.
    Turnkey deployment.
  • Delivered in a virtual container, GravityZone can be imported to run on any virtualization platform.