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We Recommend Mimecast for Cloud Email Archiving.

We have seen many email archiving solutions over the years, in many different formats such as software, appliances, VM (Virtual Machine) and cloud. Of the cloud email archiving services, we recommend Mimecast due to its ease of implementation, reliability (100% uptime), outstanding “search time” guarantee (7 seconds), bottomless storage, excellent customer support and very reasonable pricing.

Mimecast has been in the email archiving business since 2003. They are now in more than 100 countries and have more than 500 employees and 14,000+ customers; and with a recurring monthly revenue model, it isn’t likely they are going away any time soon.

The things we like about Mimecast cloud email archiving in particular, are:

  • There is almost no management required on the customer end
  • You configure your email server to send (journal) email to the mimecast cloud and mimecast does the rest.
  • No more worrying about backups! It is all done for you!
  • It fully, automatically and seamlessly supports folders without the user having to do anything extra (added cost option) or manage their email in two places

And the best part? No more:

  • time consuming software upgrades and associated downtime
  • expensive and sometimes “surprise” or “emergency” forklift hardware upgrades
  • running out of storage
  • hardware failures and the emergencies that come with it
  • managing and maintaining a separate/mirrored instance for Disaster Recovery

Mimecast is an affordable, fixed monthly cost service based solely on the number of users you have and the options you choose. All accounts are “bottomless” so there is no additional charge for extra storage.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for mimecast email archiving service for your organization.

You can either call us at 206-359-2900, email us at mimecast_sales@cdr-solutions.com or fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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