March 12 2015 State Dept can only produce 42K out of 1 billion emails

This article is a perfect example of why organizations should apply data retention policies automatically rather than push this responsibility to end users. It is absolutely not realistic that only 61,000 out of 1 Billion emails were actual records. Unfortunately, end users are ineffective at applying policy due to lack of understanding, incorrect policy interpretation, laziness/carelessness, workload or even intentional subversion. While Ms. Clinton is currently under fire for her email management practises, this is clearly a much larger problem when 999,938,000 emails out of 1 billion were essentially deleted.
We have email archiving clients who have produced email for discovery or regularly for FoIA requests. With a properly managed email archive, it is a rather trivial task. Without it, using the IRS as an example, the cost as of last June was more than $10,000,000, 100,000 hours and required involvement of 250 employees. In contrast, had there been a proper archive in place at the time, the initial search and production of the initial corpus of email would have taken minutes, likely followed up by a couple of weeks of classification and redaction before release.

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