Email Archiving

Email archiving comes in many flavors; cloud based, self contained appliance, hybrid appliance, VM and plain software

For Self Contained Appliance, Hybrid Appliance and VM email archiving, we recommend and support ArcMail. Please click on the ArcMail logo for more information.

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For cloud email archiving, we recommend and support mimecast. Please click on the mimecast logo below for more information on mimecast.mimecast-cloud-email-archiving

We like happy customers which is why we do not sell software based email archiving solutions. We have rescued more than a few customers from software based email archiving solutions in the past and we have not found a software based solution that doesn’t ultimately end up being a nightmare for the purchaser. It may seem “cheap” in the beginning, but it inevitably ends up being the most expensive option down the road.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!