ArcMail Appliance and VM Email Archiving


We Recommend ArcMail as a Cost Effective On-premises Email Archiving Solution.

ArcMail has been in the email archiving business since 2004 and Dean Richardson was one of the original ArcMail team members. Dean held several roles during his time at ArcMail including CTO, VP of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer. ArcMail continues to be a very cost effective, solid and reliable on premises email archiving solution and it is available in several different platforms including a total appliance with on-board storage included, a hybrid appliance that uses your NAS/SAN storage and a VM solution which runs on multiple platforms.

We like that it comes in different “flavors” and with the VM version, it is licensed by the Terabyte, so you don’t have to pay for a gazillion Terabytes up front if you aren’t going to use them for 10 years. Also, the VM version allows you to use your existing VM infrastructure so the application is not tied to the hardware.

ArcMail is available as a:

Traditional Appliance

  • Everything is “in the box”; application, database, email archive storage…etc.
  • To upgrade, you can just purchase another unit and connect them together for federated search (search across all units from any unit)
  • No forklift upgrades like some other email archiving appliances

Hybrid Appliance

  • The hybrid appliance model contains the application and database and connects to your network storage to store static email

Virtual Machine (VM) option

  • ArcMail can be downloaded and installed as a virtual machine
  • No per-user licensing, licensed by storage capacity, “pay as you grow” model
  • You initially order a license for 1 Terabyte and upgrade your storage license as needed
  • Ability to make it part of your VM environment and benefit from the VM Disaster Recovery model.

ArcMail is the perfect “check the archiving box” email archiving solution for those on a budget who wish to archive email for legal compliance and end user access.

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